Attitude In Business

Is your attitude pulling you down? Are you an optimist, glass half full, or a pessimist, glass half empty?

We have all experienced ups and downs in life. How we deal with them is what is important. How do you handle them? Do you say this business is not going to work? If so, you’re letting your attitude get in the way! When we set our minds to the negative side, we are bound for failure.

Think about the most successful person you know! Ask yourself this, how did that person become successful. Was it because they took every failure and said, “I quit, this will never work.” Of course not, they analyzed what went wrong, learned from it, and made sure they did not make that same mistake twice. There attitude was not to fail!

“The satisfaction and happiness you derive from life depends on your aims, attitude, and actions. Those who wait for life to supply satisfaction and happiness usually end up with boredom and sorrow instead. ”
Dennis Gaskill

Take a moment and answer these questions.

1. Do you believe the only way to prosperity is to work harder?

2. Do you believe I cannot be my own boss? It will never work for me.

3. Do you believe that others are to blame for your failures?

When I was young, my Dad drilled into my head that there is no such word as can’t. He taught me a valuable lesson.

1. When I have a positive attitude, I can be successful in anything I desire to do. “Positive any thing is better than negative nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

2. Take responsibility for my own actions.

3. Do not blame others for my failures, learn from them, and then try again.

So, how can you change your attitude?

Be aware of your thoughts at all times. Concentration is the power to over come those negative thoughts. Your feelings are what you make them. If you focus on what is missing in your life, you will prolong that lack. Instead switch your thoughts to something positive, reflect about some thing good in your life. Be positive! Be definite!

Just by changing your thoughts, you can change your attitude. Realize that you already have the power in within you to change.

What you can visualize you can achieve! Imagination is one more key to changing your attitude. In the book, Your Psychic Potential, M. J. Abadie states, “By understanding you have no limits, and by letting your imagination soar, you contact that part of you that knows you lack absolutely nothing, that all things are possible to you.

Believe in your ability to change! Need I say more?

To change your attitude it will take toil and endurance. YOU CAN DO IT!

I am sure we have heard that adage, “Life is what we make it.” It is true, life is what we make it! To succeed in any part of our lives, whether it is in business or your personal life, we have to have a positive outlook, no matter what might come! Being negative will pull you down into despair! Which one will you chose?

Act of Courage

“To get the little things done is an act of courage. Courage to know and not be afraid – that the little things will lead to the big things – and you accomplish them too.”
Marilyn Kay Snyder
Courage to Change
Jump in front of the bus to save your child’s life!
Chase down a mugger to save your Mother’s purse!
Go Parachuting or swim with the sharks!
We think we’re hot stuff, don’t we?
How about this one…………………. Change your life and follow your dreams?

What are we afraid of? Part of it but we are so afraid of our “can we do it?” doubts, that we stuff it down even further. Give yourself a chance. Ask yourself the tough questions. Are you happy with what you are doing with your life? If you had the chance to change anything, would you? Do you have a real passion for what you are doing, or are you just doing it? Do you avoid thinking about things as much as possible because you don’t want to face your own actions or inactions? Be courageous. Ask. You will be surprised at how much you will be relieved that you asked. You will find out that it isn’t as scary after all. Be courageous. Take charge of your life.
Courage to start.
You plan. You plan some more. You plan and plan some more. You want is that we take too much time to think. You think yourselves right out of any action. There is this excuse and that reason that you should not go ahead with trying to achieve your dream. When you do that, you are focusing on the wrong thing. You are not focusing on the outcome. You are not focusing on your vision, on your desire. People that concentrate on looking at the problems can’t get past them because that is all they see. They don’t see the mountain top, they see the long climb. They don’t see the finish line; they see all the miles they need to run to get there.

Look at the goal. Focus on the desire and take courage with you. This way you won’t worry about the obstacles you encounter. With courage, you will work through them and accomplish your dream.
Courage to question
Ask yourself what you want to do in life. Then…….take the time to listen to your answer. Often times we know deep down what we want to do with our life,
you have to give – to today.
The best way to free your mind from worry about tomorrow is to take action about today’s problems. Notes due at the bank? Call them up right now and talk to them about renewing the not or paying partial down and renewing the rest. Income flow a little low right now? Make the necessary adjustments in your living standards until your income level has changed. Get your financial house in order today. Taking action will get rid of the worry today.
Worrying about your job? If you are unhappy with it, lay out plans to change it. Need to go back to school to get the job you want, but you don’t know if it will work? Sit down right now with a pen and paper and figure out how to make it work. Call someone at the school. Call a friend that is helpful and objective. Find someone that you know that can help you outline a plan. Do it to make sure you don’t mess anything up. You want to make sure you do everything perfect. You want to make sure of………….of what? Nothing is sure. Nothing is perfect except God above. Something will always go wrong. So now that you know that, get it out of your mind and get going. What is the worse that can happen? If something goes wrong, fix it. If something isn’t a sure thing, have a back up contingency. The person who starts, makes mistakes, and keeps going, is the one who will eventually cross the finish line. The one who continually plans and reviews and researches will look up one day and see that the boat has left the dock without them.
Courage to not worry
Live each day making the most of the day’s opportunities. If you worry about tomorrow you are taking time away from living today, solving today’s problems, and seizing today’s opportunities. This is not being careless or indifferent about tomorrow. This is about giving all that
step. Do the small act. You are moving. Without the courage to actually take the action every day, toward your goals, you will never see them. You know the story about the tortoise and the hare? It isn’t so much as who made it first; it is the fact that they were both moving. We never hear the story of the tortoise and the rock, do we? The rock doesn’t move, so what’s the point of the story. The rock isn’t ever going to see the finish line. If you act and you fail, so what. You have learned something, you know it didn’t kill you and it made you stronger. The courage to act is the one that is going to get you to the top of the mountain.

O’Henry tells the story of the New York artist who planned a great masterpiece. His picture was to be colossal. Those who heard him tell his plans were thrilled by the conception. It would send his name echoing forever before you go to sleep tonight. Action always is stronger than worry.
Courage to change the lives of others
Courageous people pull others along with them. If you act with courage you have no idea the people who will look at your example and it will give them hope and courage also. You will never know all of the people whose lives you will have touched. The checker at your grocery store, who finds out what you are doing with your life, will say to himself, “If they can do that, I can do what I need to do also.” Your hairdresser will tell her friend, and they will have a good conversation about your courage, and it will help the friend be courageous in something she needs to do. A family member who has always wanted to try something will say, “If my sister or brother can do that, well, I guess I can give my idea a try!” Your courage for you will be as power for them.
Courage to Action – every day
Take the little step. It is at least a down the ageless corridors of time. It would make of him a companion of the immortal Da Vinci, the magnificent Rembrandt.
But he couldn’t start the picture today. Things weren’t right. A touch of rheumatism. A gloomy day. Bad light. So it went, until one day his friends found him dead in bed. They took up his lifeless body and buried his masterpiece with him.

Will your masterpiece be buried with you? Do you not know that “someday” will never come? Do you not realize that as you lay your head on your pillow tonight, you have closed the door on another day, never for it to be opened again? There is no second chance on your time. Be courageous. Step out into the world right now and give your light to others to show them the way.

How To Criticize And Still Be Nice

Have you ever encountered an experience when someone told you how fat you’ve become? Maybe your boss have commented on how bad your work turned out to be. Maybe you’ve heard from other folks how people view you as cold and unapproachable.

Hurts, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, some people can be so tactless that they are not even aware when they’ve hurt anyone’s feelings. The receiving parties, especially the sensitive ones, would be offended by their remarks. This would result in conflicts and arguments.

You know you’re doing them a big favor by saving them from shame or disappointment, but would they realize your good intentions instead of feeling hurt by your brutally frank comments or advices?

They might probably think you’re too rude or impolite. But what can you do if you really need to assert an honest criticism, but you’re afraid of hurting others’ feelings?

Want to know the secret?

All you have to do is sandwich your negative comment between two positive remarks.

For example, your best friend Paul is going on his very first date. He’s all excited and raring to go. Now Paul doesn’t have any fashion sense. He’s wearing a bland shirt and old jeans. You know all along how he hates to admit that he’s wrong. So what will you do to save Paul from an embarrassing first date?

Would you say to him that the outfit he’s wearing is repulsive? That would hurt his ego.

Well, you can first point out the things that you like in his overall appearance. Comment on his well-groomed hair. Tell him he looks cool when wearing his sunglasses. Ask him where he bought his perfume because it can certainly attract women like bees to honey. Be sincere and honest.

Then, insert in a nice and suave manner your point of view and advice. You can tell him something like:

“Your shirt seems to be very comfortable to wear, Paul. Since this is your very first date, I think Sandra (his date) will be much more impressed if you would wear something like the outfit that you wore on my birthday. You look smashing when you put on clothes like that.”

Afterwards, make another positive statement. You could say something like:

“You would definitely make a big impact on Sandra. She would fall heads over heels over your gorgeous appearance and cheerful personality. Have a great time on your date, Paul.”

Do you think Paul would be offended by such pleasant comments? Not a chance. You have wittingly inserted a slightly negative feedback into a plethora of acceptable and ego-boosting remarks.

People love compliments. They believe they got the qualities. They want other people to intensify the great abilities that they believe to possess. People wanted to hear their greatness purported from someone else’s mouth, and they would be very glad if other individuals would know about it.